I promised you all more on Living Limitless and since I wrote that post over 2 years ago (!), I’ve been on a journey. What I’ve discovered is that there really are endless possibilities. Allow me to expand…

We can choose our reality. I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction and schools of though of that nature, necessarily. What I mean is that we can change how we view the world. How we view the world does create our thoughts, our actions and therefore our lived reality. I know this, not just because I’ve studied it, but because I have experienced it, first hand. When I first started studying NLP a number of years ago, I found it to be concept that I struggled a little to wrap my mind around. As time has gone on, however, and I’ve completed the practitioner course, and then the master practitioner course, I’ve learnt that the mind is, simply limitless. We can learn and relearn, adjust and change. Whilst no one can change their past, we are able, through NLP techniques to “re-look” at certain experiences, if you will and change the effect it has on us and therefore our responses and belief systems moving forward. People, neuroplasticity is a thing!

Like everything worthwhile, it takes commitment. Commitment to the process and commitment to adjust the lifelong beliefs that we have held and that have shaped us. Changing beliefs can change the way you look at, and process the world. Changing beliefs, changes your reality. Changing your reality alters your destiny. We are all energy. More and more research and work is being done on this. Energy vibrates, it attracts and it is alive. Energy can never die, it just simply transforms.

I will leave you all with this thought, for now.

What would you do if you knew nothing was impossible and you could not fail?

How would that change you and the way you move forward in the world?